Apple could release the Airpods later!

The Apple Airpods were announced alongside the iPhone 7 last September and these accessories offer a newer and easier solution to pair Bluetooth headsets. Their prototypes were unveiled to the press and that’s all. Apple has not yet revealed the date when these Earpods of 160 dollars, that is to say 151 euros will be available to consumers. According to the Wall Street Journal, an internal source at Apple said Apple has to face a few hurdles, before this product can go out on the market. Normally, a pair of Bluetooth headphones transmits a signal to one of the earphones and this signal is then transferred to the second earphone.

Apple said the AirPods will each receive independent signals from an iPhone, Mac or another of its products. But Apple must above all ensure that these two headphones receive the sound at the same time to avoid distortion, it is in any case what this internal source claims. The Airpods need to receive a “stream” per second, via an Apple device, be it an iPad, iPhone, or a Macintosh computer.

The difficulty is to ensure that the Airpods are perfectly synchronized so that the sound they produce does not involve distortions or uneven sounds. Similarly, this company must find a solution to prepare for all kinds of scenario: sometimes, consumers can lose one of the Airpods, especially if the batteries are completely discharged. It may also be that one of the speakers is not working.
This company does not want to precipitate the release of a product before finalizing it entirely.

The next Apple iPhone 7S will arrive in 2017!

If we were to sort out the latest rumors about Apple’s flagship models that are expected for next year, this one would be the strangest of all. This is simply because it contradicts everything we’ve heard so far about what Apple is preparing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iPhone. So, according to this report, there will be no iPhone 8, no curved OLED screen, no back glass and no major redesign either. There will apparently be no wireless charging and instead, in 2017 we would be entitled to an iPhone 7S and an iPhone 7S Plus.

These two supposed models will come with a design that is supposed to be almost identical to that of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Inside, these new terminals will be powered by a newer A11 processor that should work better than the previous A10 models.

In addition, Apple is expected to enrich its color options with the next range of iPhone 7S as it should add a red version, in addition to the variants pink gold, gold, silver, black matte and black jet. This information would come to us from unknown suppliers in Taiwan who generally deliver to Japan. As this model will be very different from what we have heard before, it would be wiser to take these rumors with tweezers.

The iPhone 7 and especially the Apple iPhone 7 Plus are among the most sought-after mobile devices in this year-end period but so far it has taken weeks waiting so that the ordered models n Reach their recipients. However, Apple has finally caught up with this strong demand very recently and you can now have the rarest color option right now, black matt, immediately shipped for the iPhone 7, while for the free iPhone 7 Plus here, The delivery takes between 3 and 5 days. This is a big improvement over deliveries that last more than 2 or 3 weeks.

The range of iPhone 7 is quite recent and it integrates the most powerful processor on a mobile device. In addition, Apple offers excellent customer service. Finally, if consumers are wondering if they should wait a little for the next iPhone 8, know that Apple is supposed to unveil its next iPhone 8th of the name in September 2017, which makes a long wait. On the other hand, the most recent Android devices are those in the Google Pixel range. The new high-end Android model for spring is expected to land by April 2017.

Go for the very best Android Phones

Need it something Hi-Fi and smart yourself? What could be much better than investing in one of the essential necessities of modern life? A phone that takes care of your entire needs and helps you stay linked with the world. In the event that you buy into this basic idea, you would consent to investing in a smartphone with the latest offerings definitely. And when you ‘re going for the latest, you will want to get a phone with next generation features and faster than faster speed?

Advanced Configuration

The prime features that are usually highlighted include faster charging, faster fingerprint unlocking and faster RAM. Rise to the purchase price selection of 25,000 and you’ll find the best-in-class product with breakthrough technology. Hi-Fi music quality, when coupled with impressive looks, offer you an android phone that you will be pleased with. These smartphones have a great metallic body with powerful settings which makes for a perfect combo of appearance and performance.

Many manufacturers who offer twice fast charging machines comply with the Qualcomm QC 2.0 international standards to make their smartphones compatible enough. A number of the modern day technical specs offered include 4G LTE network, 5.5 FHD screen, Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 cpu, 4GB Ram memory, and a 32GB ROM expandable up to 128GB. Even photography buffs can marvel in the display quality of their valued ownership with a 13MP back camera and a 8MP front side camera.

Fingerprint Unlocking and Display Split

After all of the conversation over smartphone subsides, we would ask yourself just why there are conversations encircling the fingerprint unlocking. Actually, it lets a user unlock his phone ranging from 0.2 seconds to 0.5 mere seconds. Furthermore, the screen-split feature in android devices offers room for multitasking without heading back and forth. Users can talk watching videos collectively using one display now.

Latest Funtouch Technology

The high-end features include 5.5 FHD screen and 2.5D Corning Gorilla Goblet on a steel body to provide protection during unintentional falls. Running over a Funtouch Operating-system 2.5 predicated on Android os 5.1 Lollipop, this one-of-a-kind device is quite popular. Likewise, there exists another smartphone with an alternative group of features including 4G LTE network, 5 HD screen and Octa-Core Snapdragon 616 processor chip. The advanced 13MP rear camera and 8MP front camera only enhance the charm, helping us have a wonderful clicking experience.

In addition, the fundamental components of 3GB Memory and 32GB ROM (expandable up to 128GB) can be looked for while searching to discover the best android mobile phones. These specifications can be purchased in various sorts of designs for android devices with smaller monitors. Companies that can come up with a nice-looking and advanced mobile construction every day will usually do quick business and soar greater than the competition.

Akansha Gupta loves to speak about the latest gizmos and adores smartphones. She’s quite an vision for the coffee lover and gets ardent while supplying a view on the latest models in the Indian market. She retains herself kept up to date on the new advancements related to the best google android phones which is eager to find out more about them.

Clash Royale – first live streaming game

Every player wants to be in TV Royale. You can believe what TV Royale is, right? This is a list where the best fight up the top player. Why? Because this helps you to understand the past strategies and learn new techniques that can be successful in your battle. What’s really great is that the constantly baffled with new replays so you could improve your game quality.

There were many questions about the similarities between Clash Royale and Clash of Clans and some people believe it would be better if it were called “Clash of Clans 2”. Wrong, very wrong. This two games are made individually and were continued to be better than single games with two different teams. Although some Grunder Clash Royale free jewel members have been Clash Clans members, there are no developers to work on both games.

A completely free game with a certain thrust

The best advantage of Clash RoyaleHack is that you can play it for free and when you decide to buy in-game coins for real money, that is gemacgt by in-store, rated at iTunes Store and Google Play is making the customer the best Security for their information. If you decide to invest in the game or not, each aria is equal free when you are higher and that means higher experience. Leveling up might be a bit slow, which is why there are so many players looking for things like how to chop Clash Royale, and if you are one of them, that will not be a problem any more.

When we talk about the game’s features, there are magical things, arenas, decks, trophies, and so on. A mirror is a magical thing that is in Arena 5 and retrieves your last played card. This copies the power of the card and can create considerations that are stronger than the original. You will be stronger while you are using Mirror.

“Deck Fight” means that you have eight cards from your collection and you are fighting against them, so be careful which one you choose, because you certainly do not want to lose and humble the clan. Best way to improve your deck is by opening the rarest chests, bought with precious stones, you can either buy these precious stones with real money or get the Clash Royale hack and get it via

The real games happen here, Arena mode

On the other hand, Arenas are battlefields where you fight against other players for fame and prizes. There are now six different arenas and a training camp. You can where you want to fight between Goblin Stadium, Barbarion Bowl, P.E.K.K.A. Spielhaus, Bone Pit, Royal Arena and Spell Valley.

If you are going to advance in Arenas, you should win prizes, because each arena shows new cards won from the Chests in battle. If you win against a player who has more trophies than you, you will get more prizes but if you lose against the opponent that has less trophies than you, You were losing more.

Although training camp is not an arena, this is a place where the road to victory begins. This should be used so that you can be accustomed to new skills. There, you will be playing an Al opponent and you have been able to improve your skills before you hit real opponents in multiplayer. While you are training in training camp, you will not win trophies or gain experience.

Super Mario 3D Player Review

Nintendo expected their new handheld 3DS system to market like hot cakes… but it however didn’t. There were not any games that were showing the capacities of the revolutionary system properly, so no motivation was presented with because of it for consumers to buy it.

Now I simply selected myself up a 3DS this week for the only real purpose of checking out the hyped game: Super Mario 3D Land. I want to first say that I wasn’t sure what things to expect. This pertains to both handheld itself and the overall game. Nintendo hasn’t i want to down before, so I experienced at least some degree of confidence (enough to help make the purchase).

But when I fired up the gaming system and started participating in, it was breathtaking amazingly. The 3D looked so real. I’d regularly try to go through the 3D display and make an effort to visit a 2D image, but it was messing with my brain… I simply couldn’t get it done.

The 3DS lives up to its name absolutely. Lucky for Nintendo, Super Mario 3D Land was able to demonstrate the capacities immensely. They included two modes on the overall game. The first method is perfect for “pop-out 3D”, where it would appear that Mario is in fact jumping from the display. The next mode is perfect for “indented 3D”, where it would appear that you want to into just a little box through the opening on your screen. Both demonstrate depth belief well exceedingly.

Console aside, the overall game is a combination between New Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Bros 3. You can use that crazy tanooki suit again and it’s really just like fun as before. (Might I add pretty) Nevertheless, you will not see the capacity for turning to rock until you overcome the first circular of the overall game.

For all the hard-core Mario supporters, don’t let that one slide through your fingertips. I understand it is hard to pay out $150 for a fresh handheld, but i want to assure you that it’s totally worthwhile. If nothing else, sell it once you are done! And even make the right path to your neighborhood used-games store to see if anyone flipped one in.

Everything in this game was done RIGHT by Nintendo. They didn’t make ridiculous mistakes, and you may inform that is because of effort and experience. Browse the game to get to get the entire 3D effect and revel in the game!

Your reviews about Super Mario Run

The news has made the fans of the firm Nintendo and the friends of the most famous plumber of all time impatient. It’s official, Mario arrives on the mobile terminals Apple (iPhone and iPad) and Android (APK) in a game unique to the original gameplay.

Presented at the last Apple keynote by Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario Run will be the second Nintendo game on mobile and tablet. Faced with the success of Pokémon Go, the arrival of the Italian plumber is enough to attract attention.

Released in France on the AppStore on December 15, 2016, the game Super Mario Run is a nice surprise, both visual and game level itself. Remains that it is proposed, as usual, on iPhone and iPad before having an Android APK – but you can already pre-register for the release of the APK.

What’s New

Super Mario Run for free?

The second game offered by Nintendo on mobile platforms is freemium. You will have the option to play Super Mario Run for free on a limited version (Level 1-1 to 1-3 only). If you want to continue in the game or have access to all the options, you will have to buy the full application at a price of 9 € 99 to unlock all the available content.

We regret of course that the application is not entirely free but it has at least the benefit of being able to test the game. If you like Super Mario Run, you will then be more inclined to buy the full version.

Your reviews about Super Mario Run

Have a question about Super Mario Run? Want a dedication to the Nintendo team? You can not wait to test this new mobile game? Are you part of the Android players who will watch the Apple boys play Super Mario Run Coins Hack on their iPhone / iPad apps before the APK is born? Comment below by sharing your thoughts about the game Mario Run and the Nintendo universe via Facebook comments.

The Nut products and Bolts of Android os Development

I usually listen to the same question asked in a number of ways. “MAY I actually understand how to produce programs for Android?” “How hard could it be to study Android os encoding?” “Where must i go to learn Google android encoding?” “I simply bought a fresh Google android device, and Personally i think so inspired! I have a concept for a fresh software, but where do you begin?”

Mobile application development is very hot these days, and Android is currently out before the others in the mobile software world. And when you have previously read this very good in this specific article, I’m assured for the reason that you have been requesting some different version of 1 of the questions in the above list. You are lucky today, because I have already been down this highway already, and I’ve one resounding response: “Positively! It is feasible to become able to write Android applications really, no subject your background, and the various tools to review and develop with are simple and absolve to use!”

So let’s get started with the various tools. The main tool for Google android development is the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Eclipse is free, operates on many os’s (including House windows and Linux), and is also improved to provide better performance in development often. Furthermore, the Android Development Team from Google has provided the Android Development Toolkit (ADT) plugin for Eclipse that turns it into an Android mobile application fabrication powerhouse! It transforms program compilation into a one-click process, provides custom editors for structure resources and data, and automates posts for the latest revisions of the Google android SDK. Some creators find Eclipse just a little quirky, or even buggy to utilize sometimes (myself included). For instance, it will not always discover new resource data until you restart it, which may also be a pain. However, I usually use Eclipse with the ADT plugin for most of my Android programming, and I would recommend that you do a similar thing.

You might always choose to use another type of software application, and there are many out there. But a term of extreme care about IDEs: many Android os IDEs claim to carefully turn mobile development into a “drag-and-drop” process, or enable Android encoding in other dialects besides Java. Could it be easy to produce mobile programs using these tools? Certainly. Will they applications be alright? Maybe. But will they be great software – applications that basically exceed targets and prolong easily with new features as the Google android mobile system evolves? No. Mobile development is merely like any other process worth doing: take action properly (in cases like this, get it done the Android way) and you’ll will have better success.

Now to the review part. This part will need much longer than simply downloading a straightforward tool. Learning Android development is similar to studying other spanish (which is what this is – simply a spanish, except a language which allows you to speak to a computer rather than another human). It shall require persistence, and an entire whole lot of trial-and-error. A good part of readers will quit, telling yourself that it is not worthwhile. That’s fine: the rest folks will flourish in the Android iphone app market in your lack! For those visitors who don’t give up, you will see the procedure very satisfying in so many ways.

Unless you understand Java, that is how you will need to start. WHILE I started learning Google android I got just a little frustrated, because I didn’t already understand Java beforehand. After spending a complete week on the fundamentals of Java, I found that I could browse the code examples and understand the instances. So start there.

Next is the Google android SDK itself. There are so many learning tutorials for Android os available that I must say i don’t have the area to list all of them in this article. But Google will, so seek out it. Seek out “Android application article” and begin with the tutorial that best suits you the best. It really is truly so easy. I’d also suggest the Android lessons within the Android SDK online documentation for all your coding reference needs about the Android platform. Also keep in mind those newsgroups! They may be one of the best places to find instant help from real designers who enjoy aiding new programmers.

Archie Spencer can be an Android os development veteran, and has been building mobile software for Android os since 2010. He invites you to keep your journey in relation to dominating the Android os iphone app market by looking into his new Android os App Training, made with new builders at heart specifically.

Boom Beach cheat diamonds unlimited and easily

Boom Beach cheat is a trick that will allow you to get unlimited diamonds in Boom Beach. You are very many to send us messages to know if we were going out a cheat Boom Beach to generate unlimited diamonds. We then decided to go around the websites that offered techniques or solutions to have unlimited diamonds. But every time we came across fake software, fake online generators of diamonds unlimited. It is for this reason that we decided to create our own Boom Beach tip in order to help us generate diamonds easily. Before releasing our tip on our site, we quickly did a survey to find out how many players had already tried to cheat in Boom Beach. The survey shows that 53% of Boom Beach players already buy diamonds. But the most important thing in this poll is that it also shows us that 87% of the players have already tried to generate diamonds or have already looked for a cheat for Boom Beach.

How does our Boom Beach cheat work?

The functioning of our cheat is simple. It works on a legal and simple process. We have searched for hours and hours a technique that allows you to cheat in Boom Beach without having any risk on your behalf. This is something we have managed to do! You have no worries about using our Boom Beach cheat. One of the things we wanted to keep in mind is to offer you a cheat totally in French. We noticed that many cheats were in English. It is also one thing we have succeeded, our method and simple and totally in French. On Youtube and Facebook most diamond generators for Boom Beach do not work and are often filled with viruses. We have made the choice not to offer you a cheat for Boom Beach in the form of software. One of the other advantages in addition to avoiding having viruses is the fact that our trick is totally compatible with windows PC but also on MAC. Of course we have not detailed, but our Boom Beach cheat work on all versions of smartphone (Android iPhone, iPad or tablet) Jailbreak or not, root or not.

Boom Beach the game:

Boom beach was published by SuperCell in 2014. Quickly become a benchmark in the world of mobile strategy games, it is now playing by millions of players in the world. The goal of the game is quite similar to Clash Of Clans (We also have a cheat Clash Of Clans available) but this time it happens on a beach. The goal is to build your island using the various resources available in the game. By improving your village little by little, you will unlock new things. You have the possibility to attack opponents and why to be among the best in the rankings. The rarest resource in Boom Beach Hack is of course diamonds. This is why many players seek to cheat to have unlimited diamonds in Boom Beach. Diamonds allow you to advance more quickly in the game by accelerating the construction or even the training time of your military. That’s why on our site we give you the opportunity to cheat with our Boom Beach cheat.

Our creative team of the trick:

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WhatsApp allows you to search for GIFs in Giphy and send them from the app itself!

GIFs in Giphy WhatsApp

GIFs take many years between us, but it has not been so far that they have become popular. And if we talk about GIFs we have to talk about Giphy, the world’s largest GIF repository. Telegram has already added the possibility of sending GIFs by searching directly from GIF in the application itself. WhatsApp tried to do something similar, but we missed this feature. And I say we threw because WhatsApp already allows to search for GIFs in Giphy from the app itself.

In the last beta that has appeared in Google Play and APKMirror, WhatsApp 2.17.6 beta, in addition to a new limit of 30 photos to send, the direct search function of GIFs in Giphy. You will not need to have the Giphy app installed, neither GBoard nor anything, you can do everything directly from the application – although the truth is that the function is a bit hidden.

The option to send GIFs directly from Giphy appears when we click on the button “Emojis” that appears in the bar where we write. As you can see in the screenshots, a new button appears below that allows us to switch from emojis to GIFs. If we click there we will be able to search the keywords and we will be able to look for the GIF that we want in Giphy. Then we select it and we just have to send it. And that’s it, we do not have to do anything else.

If you are a GIF fan you will find this feature really useful. To access this function you have to download the latest version of the app. For this you can point to the Google Play beta from the link you have at the end of the article or you can download the .APK from APKMirror, which is more comfortable. Anyway, WhatsApp has finally done something well, and hopefully they continue to add useful and fun features like these.

Do you like to use GIFs in WhatsApp?

How to use the Clash Royale clone spell and combinations of decks

clash royale clone deck

The countdown of the new Clash Royale clone spell has come to an end and we can finally use it. The long wait since the announcement of the new cards has been worth it.

As in the last new letters that came to Clash Royale, we have in the store a special offer to get the new card paying 400 gems, this payment includes 10 cards with which we can even raise it level.

How the Cloning Spell Works

Its description in the game is as follows: duplicates all the allies of the target area. Cloned troops will be weak, but will have the same force as their originals. Does not affect the structures.

After watching several videos on the operation of the new clone spell is very clear how it works. The most important thing that you have to be super clear is that clones all our troops and that created new troops will have very little life although they will produce the same damage as the original. The new troops will be semi-transparent to distinguish them from the rest.

If we analyze this coldly it’s easy to know how this letter should be used. We have to try is to always launch a tank or a letter received damage to the towers our clone troops not eligible since they would quickly die for his little life. While buildings from attacking to tank the rest of clone troops not run danger to be destroyed and eventually at a time with the tower which are attacking. Think that if clone an army of skeletons and a giant, the Tower will not last or three seconds.

This new letter is an offensive letter, in principle we will never use it to defend since it does not make sense to clone troops that have little life since the attacker would finish them in a moment. This does not mean that at some point we make a clone of a hordes of henchmen to quickly end with troops that are terrestrial as can be a spark.

Speaking of the spark, if we cast the clone spell on this card will reset as the infernal dragon or the prince if it is in charge. Keep it in mind in case you are going to clone these cards just try this clash royale hack tool when they are going to produce their greatest damage.

Interesting combinations with clone spell

Honestly, I can think of thousands of decks with clone spell. But basically I will focus on talking about little tips and interesting things about possible combinations.

As we know when cloning the cards double their effects. Having said that, do you think it will happen if we clone a skeleton bomb when it is hitting the tower? Effectively, we will have two bomb skeletons hitting the tower and when we both die we will have two bombs exploding in the enemy tower. The same goes for the golem, destroying the golem and its clone will have six mini golems hitting the tower. Well then an interesting combination would be the skeleton bomb, lava hound or golem with clone spell.

A lethal mallet when it comes to damage per second would be to join the golem, the trio of musketeers, and the clone in one battle deck. Imagine what a tower can last if we throw all this together. The same thing could happen if we launched an infernal dragon, a spark and the clone.

An interesting combination for cost balance of elixir, etc., would be to throw the warrior, musketeer and clone, we would still be elixir to react to whatever comes and with a good attack power. The warrior receiving the damage from the tower and the rest attacking hard.

It also occurs to me to take the clone and the fury together in a deck, well combined with a horde of henchmen or something that generates a lot of damage at once could be a very good combination.

I hope you have liked these ideas and hope to see yours in the comments. Next we will learn to defend ourselves before this new letter of Clash Royale.

How to counter the Clone spell

As I said before, the life of cloned units is very low, no matter how many cloned troops, with a few simple arrows will die. If the attacker throws us the giant and the hordes of henchmen, although the clones, when we shoot the arrows we will end in a moment with the troops cloned.

The important thing, although many already did it, is to always have in our deck of cards letters that do splash damage. The arrows and the discharge or zap, will be recommended since they consume very little elixir and its damage is considerable but also it will be worth the witch, the ray, etc. What is not worth throwing a hellish dragon to defend against the clones, be ready.

Answers to frequently asked questions that you are doing

Only clone our troops, not our enemies.
You can not clone a clone. We will only clone living units.
We can not clone our buildings, so do not think of tactics like cloning goblin huts, etc.
The clone spell resets our own troops but not those of the rivals.
If we clone a frozen troop the new troop will not appear frozen.
You can not clone the giant skeleton bomb. If we can clone the giant skeleton and when he dies he will also have his bomb but clone only the bomb can not.
By cloning the prince and the guardians the new cloned letters will also have their shield.
Cloned troops always appear to the right. Very useful to avoid distracting troops with something we do not want.