Android without Google Play: Would you be able to try it?


Undoubtedly the biggest advantage of Android over other systems today is the open code that characterizes it, that is, the complete and absolute freedom to be able to modify the system at will, the community or by yourself, getting the possibilities of Make your mobile unique are absolutely endless.

And although many do not know, there is an alternative Android project that unfortunately is increasingly abandoned that is based on a system that is 100% free, that is, composed of free code in all its aspects. This implies that if you are going to install apps, they are free code by a free market, etc. This project is called AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and includes no google service, including Google Play that has turned five years ago, by the way.

Knowing that this project exists, and the break in which it is, everything points to depend on Google services for our Android to work. How free is our device? And … Is it really important?

Android … free?


We have become more and more accustomed to the fragmentation of Android, and to the indifference towards its level of freedom. Google has been closing the system more and more to make it depend on its Google Apps, getting that without these, it is difficult to use our Android with ease. Because, more free or less, the convenience of having an app store where to download what we want and try the latest releases is absolutely indisputable.

Although it is necessary to make a nuance. While many users are blaming Google this move to cover more and take their piece of the cake that is Android, the reality is that the public that your device is more or less free. As long as the Android system keeps functions that make your user feel free, your apps carry a code or another does not matter, except to the most knowledgeable users, or who do need this code to work or use your device.

So, does it matter?


Personally I think the answer to this question depends a lot on the user who is affected. The closing of the total code would be a real disaster, because we would be facing another closed and exclusive iOS type system and many developers in the community would be outraged and their work truncated. But, as long as this freedom is maintained, no one will be affected, let alone the large majority, which, without offense, is not very wise in these matters.

I do not see anyone from the typical Android owners niche using a system without Google Play. They like it more or less, these options have made improvements in the system that make it much more comfortable and easy to use and take away that, it would be a loss of popularity to Android and I think these changes are not excessively bad as long as Google maintains the Limits of its clear and defined resources. If, as long as the code is not completely closed and Google is controlled, we can live peacefully enjoying our favorite operating system.

What version of Android do you use? Do you have a custom ROM?

The Gemini Pro and the new Ulefone smartphones include Google Assistant


This is not the first time we’ve been talking about the Gemini Pro from Ulefone. During the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we had the opportunity to test the new creation of the Chinese firm, and the truth is that it left us some first feelings quite positive.

Now, the people of Ulefone bring us good news, and is that as we have confirmed, both the Gemini Pro and its new terminals, will hit the market with Google Assistant pre-installed, and all terminal owners will enjoy the smart assistant of the Big G in his Gemini Pro Ulefone.

New Ulefone smartphones will have Google Assistant pre-installed

As we informed you only a few days ago, Google would have decided to release its new virtual assistant to all devices that have an Android version above Marshmallow 6.0. Thanks to this, the people of Ulefone has confirmed that it has optimized the core of the system of their new smartphones in order to support this new assistant natively, and of course, one of the first to enjoy Assistant from the beginning will be The Gemini Pro.

Undoubtedly, this is very good news for all those who are thinking of buying one of the new smartphones of Ulefone, because it will be possible to execute actions, control smart devices or make queries, all using only the voice. Also, taking into account the prices of the terminals of the firm, it will not be necessary to spend too much money to enjoy the artificial intelligence system of Google.

Before closing, we have to comment that the Ulefone Gemini Pro will not be the only smartphone of the firm that will arrive with the Google assistant preinstalled, as the new Ulefone Armor 2 and Ulefone F1 will also incorporate it, as will the Ulefone T1 and T3 that should land in the market in the coming months.

Timeless Guidelines for Web Apps Development

Web applications have become increasingly more very important to modern businesses. These programs not only give businesses a competitive border, but provide them with the right tools to boost their functioning efficiency. Innovative programs that are custom-made according to business requirements are popular and developers give attention to creating programs that add value to the business enterprise and its own offerings.

These programs are however sophisticated and require the knowledge of experienced creators to create them. They might need knowledge in a variety of domains such as security, integrations, reactive design and interface design.

Create clear specifications always

The theory is to always explain what you would like upfront. Way too many businesses enter development projects without knowing just what they need. A abrasive idea is insufficient. You must have clear requirements and specs. If the needs you have aren’t clear, the developers are in a lack of where to get started as well as how to start the project. Only you understand your business functions the best. So, ensure that you are obvious with the needs you have.

Get something out – fast

Every web software is built to solve a continuing business problem. So, to implement the software successfully, you will need to identify the basic features required to solve the challenge first, and have them developed and ‘live’ first. You will need not build everything before you ‘go live’. Creating a minimum practical product is the main element to the success of all apps. Smallest amount features enable you to obtain a clear notion of the price tag on the whole job too. You are able to factor in the rest of the features to fit your budget then.

Utilize the right tools

If developers aren’t prepared with the right tools, from the lost cause. They can not develop modern, ground breaking applications with out-of-date tools at their removal. Consider all the advanced tools that may help slice the development time and start the software soon. Making use of the right tools is the main rule.

Plan lasting

When you develop an iphone app for your business, think long-term always. Whether it’s solving an issue, ensure that you don’t fix just the ‘immediate problems’. The perfect solution is should provide a long-term goal. The technology used and the strategy should be future confirmation and really should not require to be swiped out over time.

Framework or template

Using templates and frameworks ensure that your iphone app is ready soon and can be launched immediately. Building from scratch sometimes is an extended process. You will be helped with a template unveiling quicker. It saves big money too! Well, a framework provides developers with a way for rapid development.

Well, ensure that the new web software and the technology you utilize to make it with works with with all the current other technology systems in your business. This means that the iphone app works seamlessly with the prevailing systems and your business with permanent benefits. Follow these amazing guidelines and you have a formula for success in your business!

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The Nut products and Bolts of Android os Development

I usually listen to the same question asked in a number of ways. “MAY I actually understand how to produce programs for Android?” “How hard could it be to study Android os encoding?” “Where must i go to learn Google android encoding?” “I simply bought a fresh Google android device, and Personally i think so inspired! I have a concept for a fresh software, but where do you begin?”

Mobile application development is very hot these days, and Android is currently out before the others in the mobile software world. And when you have previously read this very good in this specific article, I’m assured for the reason that you have been requesting some different version of 1 of the questions in the above list. You are lucky today, because I have already been down this highway already, and I’ve one resounding response: “Positively! It is feasible to become able to write Android applications really, no subject your background, and the various tools to review and develop with are simple and absolve to use!”

So let’s get started with the various tools. The main tool for Google android development is the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Eclipse is free, operates on many os’s (including House windows and Linux), and is also improved to provide better performance in development often. Furthermore, the Android Development Team from Google has provided the Android Development Toolkit (ADT) plugin for Eclipse that turns it into an Android mobile application fabrication powerhouse! It transforms program compilation into a one-click process, provides custom editors for structure resources and data, and automates posts for the latest revisions of the Google android SDK. Some creators find Eclipse just a little quirky, or even buggy to utilize sometimes (myself included). For instance, it will not always discover new resource data until you restart it, which may also be a pain. However, I usually use Eclipse with the ADT plugin for most of my Android programming, and I would recommend that you do a similar thing.

You might always choose to use another type of software application, and there are many out there. But a term of extreme care about IDEs: many Android os IDEs claim to carefully turn mobile development into a “drag-and-drop” process, or enable Android encoding in other dialects besides Java. Could it be easy to produce mobile programs using these tools? Certainly. Will they applications be alright? Maybe. But will they be great software – applications that basically exceed targets and prolong easily with new features as the Google android mobile system evolves? No. Mobile development is merely like any other process worth doing: take action properly (in cases like this, get it done the Android way) and you’ll will have better success.

Now to the review part. This part will need much longer than simply downloading a straightforward tool. Learning Android development is similar to studying other spanish (which is what this is – simply a spanish, except a language which allows you to speak to a computer rather than another human). It shall require persistence, and an entire whole lot of trial-and-error. A good part of readers will quit, telling yourself that it is not worthwhile. That’s fine: the rest folks will flourish in the Android iphone app market in your lack! For those visitors who don’t give up, you will see the procedure very satisfying in so many ways.

Unless you understand Java, that is how you will need to start. WHILE I started learning Google android I got just a little frustrated, because I didn’t already understand Java beforehand. After spending a complete week on the fundamentals of Java, I found that I could browse the code examples and understand the instances. So start there.

Next is the Google android SDK itself. There are so many learning tutorials for Android os available that I must say i don’t have the area to list all of them in this article. But Google will, so seek out it. Seek out “Android application article” and begin with the tutorial that best suits you the best. It really is truly so easy. I’d also suggest the Android lessons within the Android SDK online documentation for all your coding reference needs about the Android platform. Also keep in mind those newsgroups! They may be one of the best places to find instant help from real designers who enjoy aiding new programmers.

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WhatsApp allows you to search for GIFs in Giphy and send them from the app itself!

GIFs in Giphy WhatsApp

GIFs take many years between us, but it has not been so far that they have become popular. And if we talk about GIFs we have to talk about Giphy, the world’s largest GIF repository. Telegram has already added the possibility of sending GIFs by searching directly from GIF in the application itself. WhatsApp tried to do something similar, but we missed this feature. And I say we threw because WhatsApp already allows to search for GIFs in Giphy from the app itself.

In the last beta that has appeared in Google Play and APKMirror, WhatsApp 2.17.6 beta, in addition to a new limit of 30 photos to send, the direct search function of GIFs in Giphy. You will not need to have the Giphy app installed, neither GBoard nor anything, you can do everything directly from the application – although the truth is that the function is a bit hidden.

The option to send GIFs directly from Giphy appears when we click on the button “Emojis” that appears in the bar where we write. As you can see in the screenshots, a new button appears below that allows us to switch from emojis to GIFs. If we click there we will be able to search the keywords and we will be able to look for the GIF that we want in Giphy. Then we select it and we just have to send it. And that’s it, we do not have to do anything else.

If you are a GIF fan you will find this feature really useful. To access this function you have to download the latest version of the app. For this you can point to the Google Play beta from the link you have at the end of the article or you can download the .APK from APKMirror, which is more comfortable. Anyway, WhatsApp has finally done something well, and hopefully they continue to add useful and fun features like these.

Do you like to use GIFs in WhatsApp?