The new SimCity BuildIt has been downloaded by more than 15 million players

7 months ago

New SimCity BuildIt

One of the most successful F2P applications in Electronic Arts’s recent history.

SimCity’s new installment franchise, SimCity: BuildIt, has achieved nothing short of 15 million downloads since launching on Android and iOS devices three weeks ago.

According to the Canadian company, the software managed to sneak into the top-5 of free iTunes games in more than 100 countries, a circumstance that has led to more than 8,000 years of gameplay among all its players.

The production builds the foundations of Will Wright’s popular construction and management franchise and adapts it to the current trend model in mobile phones and tablets. His success, for the moment, is beyond doubt.

Announced SimCity BuildIt for iOS and Android

It will premiere “soon” and its creators promise that every action will have its consequences.

EA has announced the development of a new SimCity for iOS and Android with simcity buildit cheats tool which hopes to transfer the charm of this series of urban management to mobile devices.

“Whether you’re a smart city planner or a strategic genius, take control and have fun wherever you are. The decisions you make will evolve your city in a number of different ways,” they say from the development team.

“Learn from the needs of your citizens or make questionable decisions and watch them get angry,” they continue. SimCity BuildIt will also offer three-dimensional graphics. “Zooms or rotates the 360 degree image while managing your city in the palm of your hand.”

“It is the most advanced urban simulation game for mobile devices,” they conclude in an official statement, which has not specified the date of publication of this game beyond a generic “coming.”

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