The next Apple iPhone 7S will arrive in 2017!

8 months ago

If we were to sort out the latest rumors about Apple’s flagship models that are expected for next year, this one would be the strangest of all. This is simply because it contradicts everything we’ve heard so far about what Apple is preparing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iPhone. So, according to this report, there will be no iPhone 8, no curved OLED screen, no back glass and no major redesign either. There will apparently be no wireless charging and instead, in 2017 we would be entitled to an iPhone 7S and an iPhone 7S Plus.

These two supposed models will come with a design that is supposed to be almost identical to that of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Inside, these new terminals will be powered by a newer A11 processor that should work better than the previous A10 models.

In addition, Apple is expected to enrich its color options with the next range of iPhone 7S as it should add a red version, in addition to the variants pink gold, gold, silver, black matte and black jet. This information would come to us from unknown suppliers in Taiwan who generally deliver to Japan. As this model will be very different from what we have heard before, it would be wiser to take these rumors with tweezers.

The iPhone 7 and especially the Apple iPhone 7 Plus are among the most sought-after mobile devices in this year-end period but so far it has taken weeks waiting so that the ordered models n Reach their recipients. However, Apple has finally caught up with this strong demand very recently and you can now have the rarest color option right now, black matt, immediately shipped for the iPhone 7, while for the free iPhone 7 Plus here, The delivery takes between 3 and 5 days. This is a big improvement over deliveries that last more than 2 or 3 weeks.

The range of iPhone 7 is quite recent and it integrates the most powerful processor on a mobile device. In addition, Apple offers excellent customer service. Finally, if consumers are wondering if they should wait a little for the next iPhone 8, know that Apple is supposed to unveil its next iPhone 8th of the name in September 2017, which makes a long wait. On the other hand, the most recent Android devices are those in the Google Pixel range. The new high-end Android model for spring is expected to land by April 2017.

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