Apple could release the Airpods later!

8 months ago

The Apple Airpods were announced alongside the iPhone 7 last September and these accessories offer a newer and easier solution to pair Bluetooth headsets. Their prototypes were unveiled to the press and that’s all. Apple has not yet revealed the date when these Earpods of 160 dollars, that is to say 151 euros will be available to consumers. According to the Wall Street Journal, an internal source at Apple said Apple has to face a few hurdles, before this product can go out on the market. Normally, a pair of Bluetooth headphones transmits a signal to one of the earphones and this signal is then transferred to the second earphone.

Apple said the AirPods will each receive independent signals from an iPhone, Mac or another of its products. But Apple must above all ensure that these two headphones receive the sound at the same time to avoid distortion, it is in any case what this internal source claims. The Airpods need to receive a “stream” per second, via an Apple device, be it an iPad, iPhone, or a Macintosh computer.

The difficulty is to ensure that the Airpods are perfectly synchronized so that the sound they produce does not involve distortions or uneven sounds. Similarly, this company must find a solution to prepare for all kinds of scenario: sometimes, consumers can lose one of the Airpods, especially if the batteries are completely discharged. It may also be that one of the speakers is not working.
This company does not want to precipitate the release of a product before finalizing it entirely.

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