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9 months ago

The news has made the fans of the firm Nintendo and the friends of the most famous plumber of all time impatient. It’s official, Mario arrives on the mobile terminals Apple (iPhone and iPad) and Android (APK) in a game unique to the original gameplay.

Presented at the last Apple keynote by Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario Run will be the second Nintendo game on mobile and tablet. Faced with the success of Pokémon Go, the arrival of the Italian plumber is enough to attract attention.

Released in France on the AppStore on December 15, 2016, the game Super Mario Run is a nice surprise, both visual and game level itself. Remains that it is proposed, as usual, on iPhone and iPad before having an Android APK – but you can already pre-register for the release of the APK.

What’s New

Super Mario Run for free?

The second game offered by Nintendo on mobile platforms is freemium. You will have the option to play Super Mario Run for free on a limited version (Level 1-1 to 1-3 only). If you want to continue in the game or have access to all the options, you will have to buy the full application at a price of 9 € 99 to unlock all the available content.

We regret of course that the application is not entirely free but it has at least the benefit of being able to test the game. If you like Super Mario Run, you will then be more inclined to buy the full version.

Your reviews about Super Mario Run

Have a question about Super Mario Run? Want a dedication to the Nintendo team? You can not wait to test this new mobile game? Are you part of the Android players who will watch the Apple boys play Super Mario Run Coins Hack on their iPhone / iPad apps before the APK is born? Comment below by sharing your thoughts about the game Mario Run and the Nintendo universe via Facebook comments.

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