WhatsApp allows you to search for GIFs in Giphy and send them from the app itself!

9 months ago

GIFs in Giphy WhatsApp

GIFs take many years between us, but it has not been so far that they have become popular. And if we talk about GIFs we have to talk about Giphy, the world’s largest GIF repository. Telegram has already added the possibility of sending GIFs by searching directly from GIF in the application itself. WhatsApp tried to do something similar, but we missed this feature. And I say we threw because WhatsApp already allows to search for GIFs in Giphy from the app itself.

In the last beta that has appeared in Google Play and APKMirror, WhatsApp 2.17.6 beta, in addition to a new limit of 30 photos to send, the direct search function of GIFs in Giphy. You will not need to have the Giphy app installed, neither GBoard nor anything, you can do everything directly from the application – although the truth is that the function is a bit hidden.

The option to send GIFs directly from Giphy appears when we click on the button “Emojis” that appears in the bar where we write. As you can see in the screenshots, a new button appears below that allows us to switch from emojis to GIFs. If we click there we will be able to search the keywords and we will be able to look for the GIF that we want in Giphy. Then we select it and we just have to send it. And that’s it, we do not have to do anything else.

If you are a GIF fan you will find this feature really useful. To access this function you have to download the latest version of the app. For this you can point to the Google Play beta from the link you have at the end of the article or you can download the .APK from APKMirror, which is more comfortable. Anyway, WhatsApp has finally done something well, and hopefully they continue to add useful and fun features like these.

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