How to use the Clash Royale clone spell and combinations of decks

9 months ago

clash royale clone deck

The countdown of the new Clash Royale clone spell has come to an end and we can finally use it. The long wait since the announcement of the new cards has been worth it.

As in the last new letters that came to Clash Royale, we have in the store a special offer to get the new card paying 400 gems, this payment includes 10 cards with which we can even raise it level.

How the Cloning Spell Works

Its description in the game is as follows: duplicates all the allies of the target area. Cloned troops will be weak, but will have the same force as their originals. Does not affect the structures.

After watching several videos on the operation of the new clone spell is very clear how it works. The most important thing that you have to be super clear is that clones all our troops and that created new troops will have very little life although they will produce the same damage as the original. The new troops will be semi-transparent to distinguish them from the rest.

If we analyze this coldly it’s easy to know how this letter should be used. We have to try is to always launch a tank or a letter received damage to the towers our clone troops not eligible since they would quickly die for his little life. While buildings from attacking to tank the rest of clone troops not run danger to be destroyed and eventually at a time with the tower which are attacking. Think that if clone an army of skeletons and a giant, the Tower will not last or three seconds.

This new letter is an offensive letter, in principle we will never use it to defend since it does not make sense to clone troops that have little life since the attacker would finish them in a moment. This does not mean that at some point we make a clone of a hordes of henchmen to quickly end with troops that are terrestrial as can be a spark.

Speaking of the spark, if we cast the clone spell on this card will reset as the infernal dragon or the prince if it is in charge. Keep it in mind in case you are going to clone these cards just try this clash royale hack tool when they are going to produce their greatest damage.

Interesting combinations with clone spell

Honestly, I can think of thousands of decks with clone spell. But basically I will focus on talking about little tips and interesting things about possible combinations.

As we know when cloning the cards double their effects. Having said that, do you think it will happen if we clone a skeleton bomb when it is hitting the tower? Effectively, we will have two bomb skeletons hitting the tower and when we both die we will have two bombs exploding in the enemy tower. The same goes for the golem, destroying the golem and its clone will have six mini golems hitting the tower. Well then an interesting combination would be the skeleton bomb, lava hound or golem with clone spell.

A lethal mallet when it comes to damage per second would be to join the golem, the trio of musketeers, and the clone in one battle deck. Imagine what a tower can last if we throw all this together. The same thing could happen if we launched an infernal dragon, a spark and the clone.

An interesting combination for cost balance of elixir, etc., would be to throw the warrior, musketeer and clone, we would still be elixir to react to whatever comes and with a good attack power. The warrior receiving the damage from the tower and the rest attacking hard.

It also occurs to me to take the clone and the fury together in a deck, well combined with a horde of henchmen or something that generates a lot of damage at once could be a very good combination.

I hope you have liked these ideas and hope to see yours in the comments. Next we will learn to defend ourselves before this new letter of Clash Royale.

How to counter the Clone spell

As I said before, the life of cloned units is very low, no matter how many cloned troops, with a few simple arrows will die. If the attacker throws us the giant and the hordes of henchmen, although the clones, when we shoot the arrows we will end in a moment with the troops cloned.

The important thing, although many already did it, is to always have in our deck of cards letters that do splash damage. The arrows and the discharge or zap, will be recommended since they consume very little elixir and its damage is considerable but also it will be worth the witch, the ray, etc. What is not worth throwing a hellish dragon to defend against the clones, be ready.

Answers to frequently asked questions that you are doing

Only clone our troops, not our enemies.
You can not clone a clone. We will only clone living units.
We can not clone our buildings, so do not think of tactics like cloning goblin huts, etc.
The clone spell resets our own troops but not those of the rivals.
If we clone a frozen troop the new troop will not appear frozen.
You can not clone the giant skeleton bomb. If we can clone the giant skeleton and when he dies he will also have his bomb but clone only the bomb can not.
By cloning the prince and the guardians the new cloned letters will also have their shield.
Cloned troops always appear to the right. Very useful to avoid distracting troops with something we do not want.

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