Android without Google Play: Would you be able to try it?


Undoubtedly the biggest advantage of Android over other systems today is the open code that characterizes it, that is, the complete and absolute freedom to be able to modify the system at will, the community or by yourself, getting the possibilities of Make your mobile unique are absolutely endless.

And although many do not know, there is an alternative Android project that unfortunately is increasingly abandoned that is based on a system that is 100% free, that is, composed of free code in all its aspects. This implies that if you are going to install apps, they are free code by a free market, etc. This project is called AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and includes no google service, including Google Play that has turned five years ago, by the way.

Knowing that this project exists, and the break in which it is, everything points to depend on Google services for our Android to work. How free is our device? And … Is it really important?

Android … free?


We have become more and more accustomed to the fragmentation of Android, and to the indifference towards its level of freedom. Google has been closing the system more and more to make it depend on its Google Apps, getting that without these, it is difficult to use our Android with ease. Because, more free or less, the convenience of having an app store where to download what we want and try the latest releases is absolutely indisputable.

Although it is necessary to make a nuance. While many users are blaming Google this move to cover more and take their piece of the cake that is Android, the reality is that the public that your device is more or less free. As long as the Android system keeps functions that make your user feel free, your apps carry a code or another does not matter, except to the most knowledgeable users, or who do need this code to work or use your device.

So, does it matter?


Personally I think the answer to this question depends a lot on the user who is affected. The closing of the total code would be a real disaster, because we would be facing another closed and exclusive iOS type system and many developers in the community would be outraged and their work truncated. But, as long as this freedom is maintained, no one will be affected, let alone the large majority, which, without offense, is not very wise in these matters.

I do not see anyone from the typical Android owners niche using a system without Google Play. They like it more or less, these options have made improvements in the system that make it much more comfortable and easy to use and take away that, it would be a loss of popularity to Android and I think these changes are not excessively bad as long as Google maintains the Limits of its clear and defined resources. If, as long as the code is not completely closed and Google is controlled, we can live peacefully enjoying our favorite operating system.

What version of Android do you use? Do you have a custom ROM?

What 8 Ball Pool Big Rules to the Best Player

8 Ball Pool Player

The purpose and basis of the 8 ball game

One that all of his own color either whole or half first has pocketed and then the black 8 ball jackpot won. You have to act for as long as you keep your own kind balls pots without making a mistake, otherwise the opponent is turn.

Imposing at pool table

The imposition is much easier than most people think. It does not matter how the balls come to lie as long as black, but lies in the middle of the triangle (in the middle of the row of balls 3), and on the left is located at the bottom of a half-ball, and the lower right corner in a whole ball.

Shedding at pool table

Shedding at pool called a break. When you break you should put the white ball in space on or behind the line opposite where the triangle with balls (the rack). This space we call the kitchen. One of the two players repels who will start can be determined in several ways. By tossing a coin or by bumping around. Both then put a ball on or behind the line and strike the opposite band, one that can begin to make out the nearest to their band bring their own ball. When it is disposed of there or a ball to be potted or there must be at least 4 balls hit the band (excluding white), this does not work then it’s not a valid break. The other player may choose whether he also plays with the white ball in the same place, or that it imposes the balls again using the 8 ball pool hack tool and then determined whether he disposes of his opponent.

An open table

If the person who break a ball or several balls pot, he can play. The ball he after the break pot determines the rest of the game. Pot it after the break a half-ball, he plays the game with further half balls. He makes a mistake or pot he no ball after the break, then the opponent’s turn. The ball he then pot is crucial and these half or full balls he has to play the game further. Even when he did not pot or make a mistake then his opponent again the choice (the table is open) it takes as long until it is determined who the half and who plays with all the balls.

Call shot

You need for each thrust tell which ball goes where you jars (called call shot). It does not matter if you only now a different ball pot (except the black 8 ball because you will lose the game) the opponent or yourself, as long as the ball you’ve identified but is on the spot in the pocket (one of the holes 6 in the table). If you can not designated ball in the right place to pocket then the opponent’s turn.

Making a mistake

  • When you remove white
  • When you first hit the ball the opponent with your white ball
  • If you get there after hitting your own ball, no ball touches a band.
  • When you play a ball off the table (when ball not the white ball is the ball the remainder of the game away.
  • When you let jump the cue ball to push the ball in the middle of the white ball.
  • When you puncture (this happens when the cue by pushing so far that the ball is in the white meeDUWT your cue
  • Take another ball than the white touch with your cue ball or touch with your body or clothing.
  • When a situation such as one or more described above occurs then the opponent gets the ball in hand, meaning that he can put the white ball on the table where he wants and may play normally.

lose the game

You lose the game if you play black 8ball the table, black pot without that you have already played away your balls, black pot in a blast which you another own ball too pot. (You win only by pots black in the butt after you’ve already pocketed your own balls).

Whoever wins must repel the game afterward.

The Gemini Pro and the new Ulefone smartphones include Google Assistant


This is not the first time we’ve been talking about the Gemini Pro from Ulefone. During the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we had the opportunity to test the new creation of the Chinese firm, and the truth is that it left us some first feelings quite positive.

Now, the people of Ulefone bring us good news, and is that as we have confirmed, both the Gemini Pro and its new terminals, will hit the market with Google Assistant pre-installed, and all terminal owners will enjoy the smart assistant of the Big G in his Gemini Pro Ulefone.

New Ulefone smartphones will have Google Assistant pre-installed

As we informed you only a few days ago, Google would have decided to release its new virtual assistant to all devices that have an Android version above Marshmallow 6.0. Thanks to this, the people of Ulefone has confirmed that it has optimized the core of the system of their new smartphones in order to support this new assistant natively, and of course, one of the first to enjoy Assistant from the beginning will be The Gemini Pro.

Undoubtedly, this is very good news for all those who are thinking of buying one of the new smartphones of Ulefone, because it will be possible to execute actions, control smart devices or make queries, all using only the voice. Also, taking into account the prices of the terminals of the firm, it will not be necessary to spend too much money to enjoy the artificial intelligence system of Google.

Before closing, we have to comment that the Ulefone Gemini Pro will not be the only smartphone of the firm that will arrive with the Google assistant preinstalled, as the new Ulefone Armor 2 and Ulefone F1 will also incorporate it, as will the Ulefone T1 and T3 that should land in the market in the coming months.

The new SimCity BuildIt has been downloaded by more than 15 million players

New SimCity BuildIt

One of the most successful F2P applications in Electronic Arts’s recent history.

SimCity’s new installment franchise, SimCity: BuildIt, has achieved nothing short of 15 million downloads since launching on Android and iOS devices three weeks ago.

According to the Canadian company, the software managed to sneak into the top-5 of free iTunes games in more than 100 countries, a circumstance that has led to more than 8,000 years of gameplay among all its players.

The production builds the foundations of Will Wright’s popular construction and management franchise and adapts it to the current trend model in mobile phones and tablets. His success, for the moment, is beyond doubt.

Announced SimCity BuildIt for iOS and Android

It will premiere “soon” and its creators promise that every action will have its consequences.

EA has announced the development of a new SimCity for iOS and Android with simcity buildit cheats tool which hopes to transfer the charm of this series of urban management to mobile devices.

“Whether you’re a smart city planner or a strategic genius, take control and have fun wherever you are. The decisions you make will evolve your city in a number of different ways,” they say from the development team.

“Learn from the needs of your citizens or make questionable decisions and watch them get angry,” they continue. SimCity BuildIt will also offer three-dimensional graphics. “Zooms or rotates the 360 degree image while managing your city in the palm of your hand.”

“It is the most advanced urban simulation game for mobile devices,” they conclude in an official statement, which has not specified the date of publication of this game beyond a generic “coming.”

When Will The PS4 Arrive?

Together with the interpersonal people raving about the latest Ps3 3 and its own amazing features, the Sony PS4 rumours have began making the rounds already. Its features are the stunning graphics, the blue ray, the cell chip processor, while others. Folks have began questioning about another PlayStation and the excess features it shall offer. The overall game makers already are working overtime to adopt the gaming experience to another possible level with Microsoft focusing on Xbox 720 and Nintendo focusing on Wii2 along with Sony who’s already in works together with PS4.

People’s Expectations

Along with the Sony Ps3 3 supplying a coordinator of advanced games features to the cultural people, the targets regarding PlayStation 4 already are on a higher. Still, you can find confusion among many about whether it could you need to be a continuation of third PlayStation series or it’ll be a totally new console with a fresh design and other unique features. Folks are expecting to visit a new system that comes with an additional power that will assist decrease the size and can also increase the cooling capacities of the gaming system.

* There are lots of Sony PS4 rumours doing the rounds in the video games industry. Some say that you will see no more carrying on with the PlayStation 4 building due to many management changes in the Sony. But, the management has rubbished these Sony PS4 rumours by expressing that the ideas for the gaming console remain in the works and its own release time frame is yet to be chose.

* Addititionally there is speculation on the market that Sony could even use a fresh and improved design processor for his or her next PlayStation gaming system. With PS3 successful with the gamers, the design processors will have an enormous responsibility to experiment with in the development and the much better functions of the unit.

* Other Sony PS4 rumours making the rounds on the list of people is the fact that another PS series gaming console may well not have a Blu Ray combo. It is because Blu Ray is one of the very most expensive elements of Ps3 3 and excluding it from the load up will also help the gamers cut costs on their games consoles. This allows Sony to provide more space for storage and an improved launching time along with keeping the price tag on the gaming console competitive based on the next generation games consoles waiting going to the marketplace such as Wii2 and Xbox 720. Also, with 1 / 2 of America still undiscovered to Blu Ray technology, it shall not need much influence on the purchasing decisions.

Above-given details are are just some of the Sony PS4 rumours that are flooding the marketplace. These are just speculations about the next level of gaming experience. Based on the Sony president, they remain in the works for your thing and the largest advantage they may have while doing this is that they don’t have any specific direction that they have to adhere to. With all the recent slew of several high-end devices, the whole lot is available for limitless interpretation for the general public now. A very important factor is sure – another generation PS4 will surpass all expectations using its mind-boggling features and amazing capabilities.

Trove – Appointment for Xbox One and PS4 – Four million beta participants

“Trove” approaches the final release on the consoles. And until this time, you can participate in the open beta – as before, four million more players.

The console version of “Trove” has received an appointment. The title for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released on 14 March 2017. Already last year, the beta was launched, which was attacked by about four million console players. And in the course of the beta sessions the players in “Trove” have installed more than 1 billion game pieces in the world – and destroyed over 5 billion.

“As Trion’s first title for the latest generation of consoles, Trove is already at the top of the Free to Play charts, even though the official release is still a few weeks away,” said Scott Hartsman, CEO of Trion Worlds. “We were always convinced that Trove would be the ideal MMO experience for consoles, and we are thrilled to see so many Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers.”

Of course, the makers also want to take money. And there is a small incentive for this: Trovians, who make any purchase during the open beta, will receive a free access to Disaeon the Immortal as a thank you. This is a legendary dragon. And in celebration of overseeing 1.5 million players on each of the consoles during the open beta, Trion is giving a giveaway of rare riding animals (Trovian tumbler for Xbox One, Chromatic Cumulus for free PS4 ps4giveaway). The gift will be given to all beta participants.

Not quite uninteresting: all the advances of the open beta of “Trove” will be taken into the game at the official launch.

Timeless Guidelines for Web Apps Development

Web applications have become increasingly more very important to modern businesses. These programs not only give businesses a competitive border, but provide them with the right tools to boost their functioning efficiency. Innovative programs that are custom-made according to business requirements are popular and developers give attention to creating programs that add value to the business enterprise and its own offerings.

These programs are however sophisticated and require the knowledge of experienced creators to create them. They might need knowledge in a variety of domains such as security, integrations, reactive design and interface design.

Create clear specifications always

The theory is to always explain what you would like upfront. Way too many businesses enter development projects without knowing just what they need. A abrasive idea is insufficient. You must have clear requirements and specs. If the needs you have aren’t clear, the developers are in a lack of where to get started as well as how to start the project. Only you understand your business functions the best. So, ensure that you are obvious with the needs you have.

Get something out – fast

Every web software is built to solve a continuing business problem. So, to implement the software successfully, you will need to identify the basic features required to solve the challenge first, and have them developed and ‘live’ first. You will need not build everything before you ‘go live’. Creating a minimum practical product is the main element to the success of all apps. Smallest amount features enable you to obtain a clear notion of the price tag on the whole job too. You are able to factor in the rest of the features to fit your budget then.

Utilize the right tools

If developers aren’t prepared with the right tools, from the lost cause. They can not develop modern, ground breaking applications with out-of-date tools at their removal. Consider all the advanced tools that may help slice the development time and start the software soon. Making use of the right tools is the main rule.

Plan lasting

When you develop an iphone app for your business, think long-term always. Whether it’s solving an issue, ensure that you don’t fix just the ‘immediate problems’. The perfect solution is should provide a long-term goal. The technology used and the strategy should be future confirmation and really should not require to be swiped out over time.

Framework or template

Using templates and frameworks ensure that your iphone app is ready soon and can be launched immediately. Building from scratch sometimes is an extended process. You will be helped with a template unveiling quicker. It saves big money too! Well, a framework provides developers with a way for rapid development.

Well, ensure that the new web software and the technology you utilize to make it with works with with all the current other technology systems in your business. This means that the iphone app works seamlessly with the prevailing systems and your business with permanent benefits. Follow these amazing guidelines and you have a formula for success in your business!

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8 Ball Pool Cheats for unlimited  Coins – No Root or Jailbreak

8 Ball Pool has established a reputation as one of the most popular mobile game of the last period. The only flaw: it is a freemium like many other games, to fast forward through the game and buy banknotes and coins will need to spend money or to wait, therefore you will need the 8 Ball Pool Cheats

To the delight of all those who can not afford to spend so much, in this article we will see the tricks to 8 Ball Pool cheats that allow for unlimited Banknotes and Coins Free No Root or Jailbreak

8 Ball Pool Cheats for Coins Unlimited

By now you will too, hacks and all the tools that you find online do not work or are immediately patched by the creators, so we the team Cheats & hacks we have created an online tool here, directly upgradeable from us so as not to be able to be also fixed by the developer and directly accessible on the net, you just press the download button !!

Here are several features that will be available after the download:

  • Having banknotes Free and Unlimited
  • Have free and unlimited Coins
  • Easy to use, with video tutorials to help you in case of need
    It supports Ghostscript
  • automatic updates
  • Available for Android / ios
  • Compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 and all future versions, there is also a manual version and then be activated on all devices

How To: How to use the hack for 8 Ball Pool

To optimize the use 8 Ball Pool Cheats you have to follow some important steps:

  1. Download the Hack, you will be asked to complete a simple offering, it’s totally free, for more information visit the page: “How To Download,” we set a bid to prevent our system will quickly be saturated or fixati exploits used .
  2. Extract the file on your desktop / mobile
  3. Follow the various steps that you will find in the guide
  4. Reboot your smartphone / PC / Console and have fun with banknotes and unlimited lives!

You’re done, have fun !!

Apple could release the Airpods later!

The Apple Airpods were announced alongside the iPhone 7 last September and these accessories offer a newer and easier solution to pair Bluetooth headsets. Their prototypes were unveiled to the press and that’s all. Apple has not yet revealed the date when these Earpods of 160 dollars, that is to say 151 euros will be available to consumers. According to the Wall Street Journal, an internal source at Apple said Apple has to face a few hurdles, before this product can go out on the market. Normally, a pair of Bluetooth headphones transmits a signal to one of the earphones and this signal is then transferred to the second earphone.

Apple said the AirPods will each receive independent signals from an iPhone, Mac or another of its products. But Apple must above all ensure that these two headphones receive the sound at the same time to avoid distortion, it is in any case what this internal source claims. The Airpods need to receive a “stream” per second, via an Apple device, be it an iPad, iPhone, or a Macintosh computer.

The difficulty is to ensure that the Airpods are perfectly synchronized so that the sound they produce does not involve distortions or uneven sounds. Similarly, this company must find a solution to prepare for all kinds of scenario: sometimes, consumers can lose one of the Airpods, especially if the batteries are completely discharged. It may also be that one of the speakers is not working.
This company does not want to precipitate the release of a product before finalizing it entirely.

The next Apple iPhone 7S will arrive in 2017!

If we were to sort out the latest rumors about Apple’s flagship models that are expected for next year, this one would be the strangest of all. This is simply because it contradicts everything we’ve heard so far about what Apple is preparing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its iPhone. So, according to this report, there will be no iPhone 8, no curved OLED screen, no back glass and no major redesign either. There will apparently be no wireless charging and instead, in 2017 we would be entitled to an iPhone 7S and an iPhone 7S Plus.

These two supposed models will come with a design that is supposed to be almost identical to that of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Inside, these new terminals will be powered by a newer A11 processor that should work better than the previous A10 models.

In addition, Apple is expected to enrich its color options with the next range of iPhone 7S as it should add a red version, in addition to the variants pink gold, gold, silver, black matte and black jet. This information would come to us from unknown suppliers in Taiwan who generally deliver to Japan. As this model will be very different from what we have heard before, it would be wiser to take these rumors with tweezers.

The iPhone 7 and especially the Apple iPhone 7 Plus are among the most sought-after mobile devices in this year-end period but so far it has taken weeks waiting so that the ordered models n Reach their recipients. However, Apple has finally caught up with this strong demand very recently and you can now have the rarest color option right now, black matt, immediately shipped for the iPhone 7, while for the free iPhone 7 Plus here, The delivery takes between 3 and 5 days. This is a big improvement over deliveries that last more than 2 or 3 weeks.

The range of iPhone 7 is quite recent and it integrates the most powerful processor on a mobile device. In addition, Apple offers excellent customer service. Finally, if consumers are wondering if they should wait a little for the next iPhone 8, know that Apple is supposed to unveil its next iPhone 8th of the name in September 2017, which makes a long wait. On the other hand, the most recent Android devices are those in the Google Pixel range. The new high-end Android model for spring is expected to land by April 2017.